BAΨ Photos

Ronald McDonalds House!!

2012 Spring Game Night Social
Spring 2012 Chili Cook-Off
Kayak Social Fall 2011


Houston Humane Society Dog Wash Fall 2011

Rebecca Threatt and Martha Davis
pose after their presentation.

Practice Set Tutoring Spring 2010
We came, we saw...we ate pizza.  And we tutored Intermediate Accounting I students, too! 

Candidates Brett Myers and Bryan Beakley help a student prepare an             Candidate Leila Pequeno explains adjusting journal entries to a 
income statement.                                                                                       confused student.

Accounting Boot Camp Spring 2010
Dr. Sorensen flew solo this year at the Beta Alpha Psi/Accounting Association 
Financial Statement Orientation aka Boot Camp.

Spring 2009 Initiations and Elections: