The Officers of Beta Alpha Psi

Current Officers (Spring 2017)


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Randall Xu

President: Jessica Stansel

Executive Vice President: Kevin Green

Vice President of Reporting: Vu Vo

Vice President of Finance:  Robert Cornelius

Vice President of Business Affairs: Felicia Reyes

Vice President of Communications: Zachary Davis

Vice President of Service Activities:  Stephen Jacoby

Vice President of Recruiting: Alex Miranda

Fall 2016 Officers

President: Marissa Coker

Executive Vice President: Maria Martinez

Vice President of Reporting:  Nai Kheang

Vice President of Finance: Kevin Bob

Vice President of Business Affairs: Jocelyn Zh

Vice President of Communications: Max McCasland

Spring 2016 Officers

President: Marissa Coker

Executive Vice President: Maria Martinez

Vice President of Reporting:  Nai Kheang

Vice President of Finance: Katy Perkins

 Vice President of Recruiting: Paola Vicencio

Vice President of Business Affairs: Neal Dasgupta

Vice President of Communications: Brenda Torres

Vice President of Service Activities:  Leo Li



The President is responsible for coordinating the work of the officers and members. This involves preparation of agendas for and presiding over business meetings, dissemination of information about and promotion of Beta Alpha Psi, representation of the chapter during student organization events, and interfacing with campus and community leaders. The President also verifies that international guidelines and policies are adhered to. The President assists in preparing a budget for the upcoming year, signs off on checks that are written, and maintains the BAP worksheet. This worksheet contains the status to receive cords and sashes, alumni contact information, offices held, and member information.


Executive Vice President:

The Executive Vice President assists the President in performing their prescribed duties. The Executive Vice President represents BAP at the Student Government (SGA) meetings and informs BAP on the issues discussed and implemented at the meetings. In addition, the Executive Vice President maintains the organization’s inventory of candidate and graduation supplies and assists in setting up luncheon supplies at each meeting.


Vice President of Reporting:

The Vice President of Reporting documents all chapter events, submits all reports to the International Office in a timely manner, and verifies that International fees are paid. The Vice President of Reporting also keeps a record of points earned by all candidates and members. The Vice President of Reporting will compile a list of current point status to turn in to Regionals at the end of each semester.


Vice President of Finance:

The Vice President of Finance is responsible for billing and collecting all member dues and fees, maintaining the Chapter bank account and checkbook by recording and depositing payments and paying all bills when due. The Vice President of Finance will assist in compiling the financial statements, preparing bank reconciliations and overseeing fund raising events.

Vice President of Recruiting:

The Vice President of Recruiting verify the records of applicants, determine and communicate acceptance or rejection of applications based on Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements, and coordinate the receipt of membership certificates. The Vice President of Recruiting will also serve as the Tutoring Director, coordinating and recording all tutoring efforts and oversee lab volunteers. In addition, they maintain and inventory the solution manuals in the tutoring lab and provide for other study/career materials for the students' use.

Vice President of Business Affairs:

The Vice President of Business Affairs is responsible for contacting companies and booking speakers for scheduled BAP speaker meetings. The Vice President of Business Affairs also coordinates lunches, maintains relations with present and potential speakers while updating BAPs’ professional contact list, and keeps members informed with potential recruiting opportunities. This position is also responsible for assisting with the Recruiters reception by booking BAP contacts.

Vice President of Communications:
The Vice President of Communication is responsible for publicizing BAP announcements and events to all members via e-mail, updating the BAP board in the Bayou Building and maintaining the BAP web page. The Vice president of Communications also recruits new members each semester by coordinating a mass mail-out to prospective members.

Vice President of Service Activities:

The Vice President of Service Activities is responsible for arranging and executing Chapter community service activities, and to maintain a contact list for past and prospective activities.