Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Randall Xu

  • Counsels and assists the officers and various committees

  • Acts as the Point Review Committee as needed

  • Verifies the appropriate reports going to the National Office, as required by the Program of Chapter Activities

  • Assures the continuity of the Chapter, and is the liaison with the Faculty, keeping them informed of the Chapter's activities


Dawson Dreiling

  • Calls and presides at meetings of the Chapter and of the Executive Committee

  • Determines that all reporting responsibilities and other duties of the Executive Committee are performed in accordance with the National Constitution and By-Laws

  • Seeks to promote the welfare of the Chapter and the international organization

  • Prepares all paperwork for meetings

  • Oversees all SGA paperwork including beginning of semester recognition packet.

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Executive Vice President

Shelby Matczak

  • Assists the President in the performance of prescribed duties and acts in the President's place in the event of absence or incapacity

  • Serves as an ex-officio member of all committees and reports to the Executive Committee concerning the progress being made by such committees

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Vice President of Finance

Kelly Tran

  • Bills and collects all dues, initiation fees, dinner fees, and other necessary items

  • Remits to the National office the National pledge fees and the national annual Chapter fee

  • Receives and reconciles the bank statement, maintains current and accurate records of the financial position

  • Prepares the financial statements and sends to Student Life and to the National Office the audited financial statements for the Chapter by the date designated

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Vice President of Reporting

Vivian Galvan

  • Keeps an accurate and complete record of the proceedings of the Chapter and the Executive Committee meetings and attendance at such matters

  • Maintains a complete file of all committee reports and other material designated to be kept by said officer on the order of the presiding officer

  • Maintains a complete list of all active members with a breakdown by class, section, and date of initiation

  • Maintains a permanent and up-to-date file of the names, addresses, and employment of the alumni of the Chapter

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  • Name

  • Professional photo (optional)

  • Position you are running for

  • Your qualifications for the position

  • Why you want the position

Vice President of Recruiting

  • Makes recommendations to the Chapter concerning all prospective members

  • Arranges for students to staff the BAP tutoring lab each semester.

  • Compiles a tutoring report at the end of each semester indicating the total hours of tutoring done by Chapter members, and submits it to the reporting director

  • Handles publicity for the organization

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Vice President of Communication

Kimberly Amaya

  • Keeps members informed about Chapter proceedings

  • Maintains an email list of all members: active and alumni

  • Sends to the major area newspaper office a 'write-up of important Chapter functions and events

  • To contact email

Vice President of Business Affairs

Giang Pham

  • Arranges speakers for each of the professional meetings

  • Arranges for food for each of the professional meetings

  • Maintains a contact list for past and prospective speakers

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Vice President of Community Service

Vivian Galvan

  • Arranges for Chapter community service activities

  • Maintain a contact list for past and prospective activities

  • To contact email

SGA Representative

Sara Arif

  • Attends weekly SGA meetings and keeps officers updated on relevant events and activities